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What is Dental Health Synergy?

Dental Health Synergy is about joining all the pieces of the puzzle. The mouth, the body, the mind, the emotions, the person and the life story all play their part in what makes an individual uniquely individual.

Dental Health Synergy puts the pieces together bringing a new understanding of the mouth as a magnificent organ with many important things to say and a wonderful gift to offer you.  This gift is the signpost that points out to you a clear direction to create the health you want for your mouth and your entire body.

Why is it needed?

Dental Health Synergy is needed to take us beyond the linear thinking of the scientific method. The scientific method is useful for obtaining information. It obtains information by breaking down into pieces to examine in detail the structure of pieces. The word ‘Science’ comes from the root ‘to cut, cleave or separate. In Greek its ‘skhizien’ which means to split, rend or cleave. The word ‘schism’ comes from the same root.

Science then seeks to know by the cutting or cleaving of reality into pieces. This is necessary because reality is such a large item with myriad aspects and facets. We need to cut and cleave in order to make sense of the myriad facets. Yet having cut reality into separate bits to try to know it, we must join the cut pieces in meaningful relationship in order to truly understand it. Dental Health Synergy has the meaning of joining or reconstructing the separate parts to bring meaning and understanding of the whole. Dental Health Synergy brings the parts into meaningful relationship. The jigsaw pieces fit together to show the bigger picture.

Dental Health Synergy allows joining in the body/mind bringing a new understanding of the mouth as a magnificent organ with much to say and the ability to offer you a signpost pointing you to the creation of health for mouth and the entire body/mind.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are happy that you’ve come. We would like to offer you a gift. This gift is not one that you can see with your eyes or hold with your hands or hang on the wall of your room to admire like a beautiful painting. Yet you can see and feel this gift with your heart and mind and hang it in the corridors of consciousness to remind you that it is yours. The proof of having is giving and so I invite you to give it freely to others so that you may have it securely. As you give it, it increases. The more you give the more it extends and increases.

This is not like giving as we usually think of it. The scientific method will not easily understand this since simple linear thinking believes that if you give something away you will lose it while the one to whom you give gains it. This is the linear thinking of 1 minus 1 equals zero. This does not apply to the immeasurable and so is beyond the current concept of science.

Although science may not yet understand this idea of giving, the subjective human heart understands immediately and completely. Give joy to one person and your joy is increased even as the other receives it. Give understanding and again your understanding is increased as you give it away. With gifts like these, the more you give away, the more you receive.

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