Dental Anxiety Treatment For Anxious Patients

My name is Dr Philip Christie and I hold a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as a Masters in Dental Science. I am therefore able to combine the best in therapeutic understanding with the best in Dental Care. I have devoted my career to the study and understanding of Dental Anxiety and I have designed a new CBT approach to dealing with this problem.


Dental Anxiety Treatment Options

If you search on Google for dental anxiety treatment options, you will likely be confused by the many different approaches you will find. My unique CBT approach is designed to end the dental anxiety rather than just trying to live with it. It is extremely unique and not available anywhere else. I can provide you with a treatment program specifically designed for those people who suffer anxiety around dental treatment.


Dentist for Anxiety Patients

The first step is to have a consultation with me. As a highly experienced specialist dentist for anxiety patients, I will begin your treatment by first welcoming you into a safe and relaxed environment where we can look at difficult dental experiences from the past that you have suffered. We will talk about these in detail and begin to integrate them. I will explain the exact issues preventing you from having treatment. I will also help you decide the appropriate dental anxiety treatment plan and timing for your needs and the best way to structure the appointments.

Dissolving Dental Fear and Phobia


What is involved:

  • Getting to know you, your history and story to tailor our approach to your unique situation. Everyone is different!
  • Understanding the effects of the phobia on your life currently
  • Understanding the stress cycle of the human nervous system and how thoughts, feelings and emotions dictate behaviours Avoidance
  • Introduction to the Inner Child
  • How your life can change as the fear dissolves

What is involved:

  • Introducing the Heart to Heart Process
  • Explanation of how it works
  • Heart to Heart Session
  • New Perspectives and Understanding
  • Anchoring and Integration of the new learning and perspective

What is involved:

  • Dental consultation with photos and xrays – These are emailed in advance of the session for a detailed assessment
  • Understanding prevention
  • Discussion of what options are available and any concerns or risks
  • Agreeing a plan of action

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I will agree with you the best supports for you to allow your dental work to proceed. Every person is unique in that regard.I use the very best from the Cognitive Behavioural field of therapeutics, Neuroscience, Personal Neurobiology and Neuro-Linguistic programming to go to the heart of the problem.

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